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House System

At Westgate, we use a house system. Our system is based on the system at the Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta.

When a student arrives at Westgate, their first school house assembly will be their opportunity to spin our big sorting wheel. The wheel has four colors on it to represent our four houses: Azim, Karunar, Urafiki and Verdad. Each house has its own traits, color and origin story.

Every student has the opportunity to earn house points while at school by demonstrating any of the house traits in their daily interactions. At the end of each trimester, we will have a celebration for the house with the most points.


Azim Crest

Origin: Turkish
Mascot: Tiger
Color: Black
Traits: Perseverance, grit, endurance, patience

Centuries ago lay the remains of the defeated Ottoman Empire. From the ashes of the once-great civilization rose the proud Turkish people. Despite their history of military power and war, the new civilization persevered. Refusing to quit, they demonstrated uncommon grit in rebuilding their society.

From this noble past, comes the House of Azim, embodying the traits of grit, patience and perseverance. The house color is black, symbolizing the ashes from which the house rose. The house animal is the brave tiger. Possessing patience and tenacity, the tiger is known to hunt for days sometimes without catching meal, yet it never gives up until it achieves success. Much like the members of the bold House of Azim.


Karunar Crest

Origin: Burmese
Mascot: Lynx
Color: Red
Traits: Compassion, grace, tolerance, generosity

The origins of the mighty House of Karunar are not actually known. Like the sands of the desert or the waves of the sea, it seems to have always existed.

Evidence of the House of Karunar dates back thousands of years, supported by cave paintings in ancient Asia. The name Karunar comes from the Burmese language, and the word itself is known to be many centuries old.

For all time, the countless members of the proud House of Karunar have exemplified uncommon compassion, grace and tolerance. Sociologists know that these traits can only define a culture when balanced with a measure of strength and courage. Members of the House of Karunar have always identified with the stealthy Lynx, which is known to be a solitary animal who also has the ability to live and hunt in cooperative groups when needed. Red is the color displayed by proud members of the House of Karunar.


Urafiki Crest

Origin: Swahili
Mascot: Lion
Color: Blue
Traits: Friendship, loyalty, gratitude, dependability

From the cradle of human civilization deep in the heart of Africa come the proud Swahili people. Hailing from such countries as Kenya, Zanzibar, Uganda and Tanzania, these ancient cultures have a history of strong community bonds based on friendship, loyalty, gratitude and dependability. These kind, strong people are the inspiration for the House of Urafiki. The powerful lion represents Urafiki. Possessing the large teeth and claws to easily kill its prey, the lion is known to be a gentle and loving animal, displaying loyal and friendship to its family members. The House of Urafiki proudly displays the color blue.


Verdad Crest

Origin: Spanish
Mascot: Jaguar
Color: Green
Traits: Truth, honesty, courage, humility, thoughtfulness

The year is 1516. The place is southern Europe. The Reconquista has just occurred whereby many warring kingdoms have been united under one crown, which will become the great nation of Spain. Eventually, the Spanish will take their truth to the new world and conquer the tribes of modern-day Mexico.

In the heart of the Mexican peninsula is born a new tribe. A proud people whose identity is based in truth, honesty and compassion. A people who will rise up to greatness and deliver their truth to the world. This great civilization, like our second house, is represented by the mighty jaguar. Green is the color worn by proud members of the house inspired by the great peoples of Mexico and Spain. Their truth is undeniable, and their name is Verdad